What is one thing/activity you wish to anonymize today?

Governing services come to mind.



But also thinking in more everyday needs, for example a ZK word document, knowledge base decentralized hosted solution.


It’d be nice to have an anonymous debit card that works with the majority of POS. Particularly without having a 1-3% cost on transactions and or top-up.


Automobile license plates

On-chain voting


How about my mailing address? I wish I could order something online and have it arrive at my door without the sender or anyone in between actually knowing where it came from or was going. The package would have to be part of a system that looked at a QR code or whatever at every decision point… LIke if the package goes on the truck or not. So I could sell stuff to people and they cannot know who it came from and I could receive stuff anonymously. I think this would be essential to your network state. Sadly one would have to pitch it to UPS or FEDEX because their hardware would have to work properly with the code that is generated to route it. It sounds a heck of a lot like ZK proof type technology to me.


Honestly: Payments!

It’s been 15 years since the Bitcoin whitepaper was published and blockchain consensus systems have been proven resilient against censorship and tempering but we never really realized the vision of “digital cash.”

Cash is still the most anonymous payment system and many governments try to crack down on physical cash, making larger transactions “illegal” on the one hand and vendors start to simply refuse to accept cash pointing at their “cards only” signs.

I’m not praising government-backed fiat in any way, but would like to see an alternative proposed that has features compared to cash:

  • acceptability
  • untraceability
  • fungibility
  • divisibility
  • uniformity



Agree. This is a major topic for resistance, particularly given the encroachment of CBDCs. I am already seeing card only places pop up everywhere. Once cash is gone there will be no truly private payment mechanisms and we need to step up to make that happen.


I would love to see access to i) healthcare information; and ii) personal credit information managed by a self sovereign platform which can grant access to an defined entity for a limited time.