What interesting things have happened with Logos recently?

I’m a newcomer, quietly following Logos for nearly half a year. Has anything interesting happened recently? Can someone familiar with Logos share?

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Hey, I am brand new and only joined today. I would love to have someone in the know to help me understand better what this is all about.

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Is this project already dormant?

@17Commons, @JJVW, @namaku: Welcome to Logos! It’s great to have you with us on this potentially world-changing journey.

Here’s a non-exhaustive list of our very recent goings-on as an organisation. And no, @namaku, we’re far from dead; we’re actually scaling up our activities:

  • Members of Logos and its affiliated projects met in Athens in early April to work collaboratively, share plans, and strategise face-to-face. It was an extremely productive week for the entire collective.
  • Logos Assembly 1: Athens – during our Athens meetup, we hosted the first Logos Assembly, an informal get-together where we share ideas with interested parties in a relaxed setting. It was well-attended and was a great networking opportunity for those aligned with our mission (link). We’ll be hosting more of these going forward.
  • We co-hosting a TOKEN2049 side-event tonight with build_republic in Dubai to network with builders, engineers, founders, investors, and enthusiasts (link)
  • Logos X Spaces are ongoing (the most recent featured Plumia)
  • Logos contributor Sterlin and members of Waku presented at ETHDam and Web3Privacy Now last week.
  • We continue to advance the thinking around how blockchain tech can support the network state movement with articles published to Logos Press Engine with the help of influential cypherpunk thinker Peter Ludlow (link). There will be a new article dropping very soon.
  • We continue to publish philosophical and technical content via Logos Podcast and Hashing It Out, respectively. Our most recent guests were Vinay Gupta talking about the tokenisation of real-world assets, and Tom W. Bell diving into competitive governance and how we can leverage market dynamics to improve our governing services for underserved people.
  • We partnered with Web3Privacy Now (announcement) to advance and promote privacy-preserving technologies in web3 and beyond.

In terms of the projects under the Logos umbrella, we’ll be covering all their individual updates in a regular article on the Logos Press Engine very soon. Watch this space (we’ll post links to it via socials and on the forum so you can stay up to date!) You can also check in on roadmap.logos.co to see Waku, Nomos, and Codex’s progress toward their development milestones.

@JJVW if you’re new here, we recommend visiting Logos.co, Press.logos.co, and joining discord.gg/logosnetwork to get up to speed with our work. In a very boiled down version of our mission, we are building developing technologies and building infrastructure to realise blockchain’s true potential as a framework upon which anyone can deploy voluntary, opt-in alternatives to nation-state institutions. I highly recommend you read Jarrad Hope and Peter Ludlow’s articles on the Logos Press engine, or the beginner primer on the reasons to build a network state. Any questions you might have will be well received in the Logos Discord (or might be answered in the FAQ over there), too!