What are your thoughts on the web3 space moving forward?

From where it started to where it’s going.


With Ethereum’s tenth birthday on the horizon, the web3 ecosystem and its participants are akin to a ten year old child, full of raw potential and only just beginning to mature.

The early ethos of Ethereum lives on, if not obfuscated and co-opted by systems less aligned with the original vision.

Ten years from now the space will be an energetic young adult, capable of harnessing its skills and honing its focus. Given of course that it survives.

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Unlimited potential, but if chains are permissioned or have high fees then I’m a lot less interested.


Hey @georgedonnelly

Thanks for commenting, I fully agree that the future should be permissionless and have a low cost of entry. Have you checked out https://logos.co by any chance? It’s our manifesto. I think you’ll like the read.

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