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Logos is a grassroots movement to provide trust-minimized, corruption resistant governing services and social institutions to underserved citizens.

Here are some things you can do to get started:

:speaking_head: Introduce yourself by adding your picture and information about yourself and your interests to your profile. What is one thing you’d like to be asked about?

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Absolutely in love with the vision, honored to be here.


Very interested to see where this project can go!


Honored to have you here Axilo! Sorry for the silence on our end, we had a big launch and a lot of the team took a much deserved break after it. Back at the controls now and hoping to make this vision a reality. To make getting to know each other easier we just added a introduce yourself thread to the forum, would be a great help if you kick it off! :slight_smile: Cheers.

You can find it here: Introduce yourself 👋

Hey George, likewise haha. Like I was telling Axilo above, we want to start getting to know the people who are interested in the vision to see how we can coordinate to build it. Care to introduce yourself quickly? Thanks! Introduce yourself 👋

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Hello :slight_smile: ,
I got here since I have been following Waku for quite some time now. Love all their advances in privacy focused messaging and super excited to read more about this project! The vision I am definitely aligned with!

Looking forward to the dialogues and getting involved!