Twitter space topic request: Network State UI/UX

I am a big fan of the twitter spaces and I think the quality of the discussions is usually very high.
One thing that I don’t think has been covered yet and is something that I didn’t really find a lot of thoughts around yet is what a UI/UX will look like for a future network state powered by the Logos stack. I’m curious to hear what thoughts people have in regards to how users will interact with network states and what tools are the bare minimum needed. I personally assume that something like DAOhaus would be useful, but I’d also hope that even more thought would be put into making something that makes it easy for anyone to enter and exit.


Good morning Czepluch!

My name is Mf; I’m responsible for organising the Logos Spaces
I love the idea, and I’m very happy to hear your opinion about the Logos Spaces so far.

When you’re talking about UI/UX, how do you see this? Are you seeing this from a design aesthetical perspective, or do you see this as a user flow, and how they behave within an application? Would love to hear your thoughts!

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I’m thinking about the user facing interface that a user uses to interact with a given network state. What is the user experience imagined to be? I know it’s quite an abstract topic, especially this early on, but I think it makes sense to have a user experience in mind when designing systems and protocols.

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I’ve asked a bit around, and stay tuned. Within the end of this month, we will have a Logos Spaces coming up regarding the design questions of a Network State :slight_smile:

Keep an eye open on our twitter for the announcement, and I’ll send you an update on this forum post as well incase you miss that


It’d be interesting to think about the user journeys around a network state:

  • Proving of qualification for and entrance into the state
  • Fulfilment of obligations (if applicable)
  • Discovery and claiming of membership/citizenship benefits
  • Governance participation and dispute resolution
  • Exit from a state

There is probably a lot to learn from NFT clubs like Nouns, RamenDAO and BAYC, thought they focus on the ‘benefits’ side of membership and less on citizen obligations and governance.

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Still very interested in a session around this and curious to know if this is a topic that anyone is actually working on / researching.