State of the Logos Network: April 2024

State of the Logos Network: April 2024

Your roundup of recent developments from the Logos ecosystem

Since our last State of the Logos Network, we’ve made great strides both in terms of community building and technological development. Going forward, you can expect more frequent communications from across the Logos ecosystem via these State of the Logos Network updates.

Logos to me is a network state, perfectly adapted for a neo-medieval era, it has properties that uphold liberal political ideals more strongly, is capable of rapid change and deploying governing services to anyone or any self-determining community on the planet (and beyond).

– Jarrad Hope, Logos co-founder, Athens 2024



Athens offsite

Contributors from Logos, Codex, Nomos, and Waku congregated in the birthplace of democratic ideals to align and strategise in April.

Our co-founder Jarrad Hope briefs Logos contributors on strategic priorities in Athens

Logos Assembly 1: Athens

We hosted the first Logos Assembly in Athens in April. The initiative will come to other cities and provide a casual forum to circulate ideas and network. Follow us on X for more Logos Assembly information.

Building Network States (Dubai Edition) with build_republic

We cohosted Building Network States with allies from build_republic in Dubai. Unfortunate weather striking the region hurt overall attendance but pre-event registrations provide promising evidence of support for our mission.


Logos and Waku contributors spoke at ETHDam and the Web3Privacy Now Amsterdam meetup alongside notable presenters, including cryptography pioneer and DigiCash creator, David Chaum.


Web3Privacy Now

Our recent alliance aims to foster privacy-focused initiatives and promote greater privacy across web3. Read more.



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X Spaces

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  • The Waku team came together for a week of strategising, building, and workshopping during the Athens offsite.
  • Hosted hackathons at ETHLatam and ETHDam.
  • Presented at ETHDenver, ETHTaipei, Web3Family, Web3Privacy Now meetup, 30 Days of Web3, Privacy Reunion 2 and Uhack.




Learn more via the Waku blog and documentation.

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Vitalik Buterin

The Ethereum co-founder recognised Waku as an essential component of a web3 technology stack in his ‘Make Ethereum Cypherpunk Again’ article.

Web3Privacy Now

Waku was acknowledged as a top privacy project of 2023. More than 100 privacy advocates from a range of organisations including Logos, DarkFi, Nym, Swarm, Railgun, and others voted for the winners.



Codex Devnet launched

The team is currently stability testing the Codex client in an internal devnet with more than 1PiB of HDDs.



  • Codex lead Dmitriy Ryajov presented Codex during Infra Day.
  • The team networked with potential storage partners at the event.


Data Availability Sampling

Shared DAS-related findings with the Ethereum research community.



Learn more via the Codex blog and documentation.




Learn more via the Nomos blog and follow Nomos on X.


Nomos continues to research a variety of fields, including ZK and consensus solutions and network architectures to arrive at publishable specifications. A work in progress, the specifications for all elements will change. However, these publications will document our explorations and progress.

Meanwhile, the development team is laying the foundations for the network’s building blocks, specifically:

  • Mixnet (network layer)
  • Cryptarchia (consensus layer)
  • NomosDA (data availability layer)
  • Coordination layer

Contact Nomos via Discord to share your opinions on the team’s research and development direction.

Join the Movement

The Logos movement is rapidly gaining momentum. Our Discord community is now close to 2,000 members and our following on X is now more than 45,000. Join us on Discord or X to be part of the movement.

We are also looking for committed contributors who share our values and vision for the future. We invite researchers, engineers, and business development specialists to check our open positions and apply to work with us.

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