Nimbus Spaces Discussion on Simplified Staking with Nimbus & + Giveaway!

Another Twitter Spaces, another insight into the ecosystem surrounding Logos and the programs within.

This time we’re having a giveaway of 2 hardware staking devices sponsored by Nimbus & .

Details on how to participate here.

Twitter Spaces Host: Kaushal
Date & Time: 6th of November, at 12:00 CET
Topic: Nimbus,, blockchain Development and Staking

Guest Speakers: Bernd & Stefaan from
Internal Speaker: Kaushal from

Main Discussion Points:

Point 1: Blockchain and Staking with Bernd and Stefaan explored Avado’s history and its relationship with the Nimbus client.

Point 2: Development of Bernd introduced, a mini PC for easy staking by non-technical users.

Point 3: Overview of Nimbus Client: Nimbus, developed in the NIM language, is known for its lightweight design and performance.

Point 4: Decentralised Validation Clients: The importance of diversity in validator clients was emphasised, discussing the benefits of running clients like Nimbus

Point 5: Giveaway introduction: Nimbus & are giving away 2 i5 devices (details in links below)

Speakers’ Inputs:

Kaushal: Focused on the simplicity and bundled client options of Nimbus.

Bernd & Stefaan: Shared thoughts on decentralised validation and Nimbus and Avado’s user-friendly designs.

Audience Participation: Queries were raised about switching between clients and the future of decentralised staking.

Closing Remarks: Participation in the Giveaway & Future Nimbus features were discussed, emphasising the role of decentralisation in blockchain networks.

Key Takeaways:

Nimbus and Avado: Enhancing the staking process and user experience. Staking Hardware: Opening up staking opportunities for non-technical individuals.

Decentralisation: Emphasized the need for a variety of validator clients to strengthen network security and autonomy.

Links & Resources:

AI Transcript
Giveaway details

Feel free to share your thoughts, feedback, or additional insights in the discussion below!