A List of Privacy Tools

I found this to be quite useful set of links for those who look to optimise their anonymity, privacy, and security https://github.com/pluja/awesome-privacy

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Awesome lists are nice but often overwhelming and not practical.

I’d suggest everyone regularly reviews their digital footprint and learns about the technology they use:

  • Use a secure phone that features hardware-level security (like the Pixel devices) and allows installing open-source operating systems (like Graphene OS).
  • Convince your friends to try out communication tools that don’t require any accounts/names/numbers (SimpleX).
  • Use generic laptop/computer hardware that is well-supported by Linux kernels. Installing GNU/Linux allows you to choose how to encrypt your devices fully and which open-source tools to use for doing so. This is underrated as major studios like Apple or Microsoft might offer some encryption, but they do not allow you to control it.
  • Understand what makes you vulnerable: this is bottomless.
    • Try to learn what an IMEI of your phone is and why swapping the SIM card is not enough.
    • Try to understand why the Tor browser encourages you not to install any plugins and even says resizing the browser window might expose you (fingerprinting).

Unfortunately, there is so much to understand about all the systems we use that nobody has the full picture. What helps is forming local tech collectives in the pub, hackerspace, or community center nearby and helping others to understand why you need to sandbox Google Services, why it might be a good idea to use Firefox, or simply help them encrypt their disk or choosing a Linux distro.